Vision Electronics LLC accommodates abounding types of K-rated products, including K-rated fences, K-rated fixed bollards, 12K-rated gates & K-rated barriers. A 'K' appraisement is a Crash Test Certification issued by the Department of State (DOS) to a fence, gate, bollard or barrier that measures the accurate ability of that barrier in affiliation to acceleration and weight of an admission vehicle.

Vision Electronics LLC bollard systems are designed to operate individually or in groups of unlimited numbers. These Hydraulic and pneumatic Bollard types are flexible in their ability to be operated by a variety of control systems.

The appraisement of the barrier is bent if a 15,000 lb. (6810 kg) gross weight car impacts a barrier from a erect direction. In adjustment to be DOS certified at any rating, the assimilation of the burden bed have to not beat 1 beat (39-in.) above the pre-impact central bend of the barrier.