Parking Guidance System represents effective guidance on parking within supervised areas. The Guidance Systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service. 30% of traffic jams in cities are caused by looking for parking. Automobile parking for vehicle has become one of the most important problem in many cities or countries.

Apart from increased pollution levels, this situation also results in a lot of wasted time. To reduce the congestion caused by looking for parking is one of the biggest challenge these days.

To overcome this, our Parking Guidance Systems are designed to guide drivers to available parking. But that’s not all! Our management systems also make it easier for drivers to find their vehicles upon returning to a facility and give facility owners and managers better tools to improve every aspect of their operations.

Parking Guidance System consists of:
  • Ultrasonic Parking guidance Sensor
  • Indicator
  • Indoor Parking Space Display
  • Power supply
  • Outdoor Parking Signboard
  • Outdoor Parking Space Display
  • Parking Guidance Controller
  • Parking Guidance System Software
  • Parking Mobile application

Vision Electronics LLC has a core foundation to deliver innovative parking guidance systems in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India, Canada as well as the African countries. Each system that we design and deliver is capable enough to handle the parking challenges to the best satisfaction of our esteemed customers.

Our best parking guidance systems are equipped with adequately spaced out LED’s improvising end user convenience through oriented visual guidance. We supply and setup comprehensive ultrasonic parking guidance systems for stacked parking, corporate parks, malls and we tailor the system design to meet your each and every requirement.