With today's growing security needs & challenges involved in controlling the public parking's is one of the major concerns for the property owners. As the number of vehicle entering and existing on a daily basis especially in public meeting places like - Airports, Malls, Hotels, Public parking's, Hospitals, etc calls for more efficient & secured under the vehicle scanning system to protect the interest of both property owners & its valued customers.

No doubt, in current global scenario under vehicle inspection is very critical & tedious job. Especially inspecting the vehicle's underside is a difficult job by using the conventional systems hence security of the property remains open for major risks. It's been often learnt that the potentially dangerous objects are hidden underneath the vehicle without knowledge of occupants/driver. Letting such vehicles without screening them to the parking lots can create serious consequences & damage to the property & to the lives of the people.

In view of the growing security needs, Vision Electronics LLC brings you the most advanced under vehicle scanning system (UVSS system). Our UVSS system can be installed both on the existing & new properties without much modifications of existing infrastructure. We do have a range of under vehicle scanning solutions which can be installed on the surfaces of the road & also we have the recess mount models. In order to provide high security our UVSS systems also offers integrated with third party access control technologies such as RFID, ANPR solutions to tag the vehicles with its number plate with the respective vehicle chassis for the access verifications.

Our high end Under Vehicle Scanning System solutions also have the feature of Automatic Foreign Object Detection (FOD) to detect any foreign object or modifications done on the chassis. This is an optional feature of UVSS system & can be made available only on the high-end models.